Noel Pepin Canine Behaviour Specialists
Noel Pepin Canine Behaviour Specialists


"Since we live in an isolated setting, our Standard Poodle was not well socialized as a puppy. Maggie was very insecure around other dogs and consequently behaved aggressively around them. Noel had a great understanding of this problem and suggested we expose her to other dogs as often as possible, which we did by regularly taking her to his level 2 agility classes, which turned out to be a lot of fun for us, too! We also had some private one-on-one time with Noel where he introduced Maggie to his personal dogs - under his guidance. Thanks to Noel, Maggie now regularly plays with the neighbour dogs! We are thrilled and would highly recommend his expertise to anyone with a dog behaviour problem."
(Liz H - Prince George)

"Noel truly understands canine aggression and instinctive drives."
(Leon Fiedler - RCMP Dog Handler)

"Dogs respond eagerly to Noel's training strategies. His obedience, tracking and search training methods are innovative and effective."
(Terry Shendruk - RCMP Dog Handler)

Noel Pepin Canine Behaviour Specialists