Noel Pepin Canine Behaviour Specialists
Noel Pepin Canine Behaviour Specialists

Christmas Puppy Tales

The only tell tale evidence of Colby King's crime was the chocolate icing smeared across his muzzle, and the guilty look he expressed when they found him hiding under the table. Christmas dessert was changed from chocolate cake and ice cream, to just ice cream.

Rokko Clarke, a confident young German shepherd, displayed no remorse when he was found with a pepperoni stick hanging from his mouth. He felt his arrangement of the food dishes on the table was an obvious improvement.

Molly the Shitzu protested she was only looking for a "cup of good cheer" when she fell into the punch bowl. Rumors that she had too much to drink were largely overstated.

Emily, an Italian Greyhound, blamed Pumpkin the cat for her predicament involving the Christmas tree. "I don't know why Pumpkin ran up the tree, and I clearly don't know why I felt this sudden urge to leap after her. How was I supposed to know that the tree would crash to the floor?" she whined.

Jordie Handford, a feisty terrier, kept silent and smiled as everyone noticed that the corner of each present had been nibbled open. Jodie maintained his innocence despite the small pieces of Christmas wrap which sparkled between his teeth.

Windy Madsen, an all Canadian cross bred, barked she would never have touched the food hamper meant for a needy family had she know what it was. The aroma of the contents was irresistible. She was sure her owners would eventually get over their embarrassment.

Jazz Pepin watched with fascination until the tree was finally decorated. It was a beautiful sight, sparkling in the corner of the living room by the fire place. What an unusual place to place a doggie bathroom he must have thought as he lifted his leg to christen this new indoor plumbing. He froze with surprise as everyone screamed at this obvious, "faux paw".

Remember, dogs view the world differently than we humans. This Christmas keep in mind your dog's interest in tables filled with treats, trees decorated with sparkling ornaments, and houses filled with partying guests. Have a safe and merry Christmas, and don't forget to put some milk, cookies and a doggie biscuit on the mantle for Santa and his canine friend.

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Noel Pepin Canine Behaviour Specialists