Noel Pepin Canine Behaviour Specialists
Noel Pepin Canine Behaviour Specialists

Group Dog Obedience Classes

Dogs at Obedience Class

Classes consist of a number of dog-owner teams who work together as a group for the duration of the training program. The training program is eight weeks long. Each session is approximately fifty minutes long. The class meets once a week. During the week the owner practices specific exercises with dog. Exercises are demonstrated, explained and reviewed in class. Class size is kept small so that each owner receives individual attention. All dogs are challenged at a level which is consistent with their ability.

At the Noel Pepin Canine Behaviour Centre, most classes include a period for socialization. During this time owners are instructed on the techniques that will lead to positive social experiences for their dogs.

The benefits of this socialization are many. The dog learns to express itself appropriately with other dogs and people. Owners are taught to recognize when negative patterns of behaviour begin and are helped to develop skills to block and then channel negative attitudes into positive expressions.

LEVEL 1 Obedience Classes

Dog training is both an art and a science. The science involves knowing what to do; the art involves knowing when to do it. The focus of level 1 classes is to help the owner to understand the scientific principles and the common sense applications which lead to effective training.

Our staff helps owners to understand positive reinforcement and how to use it effectively. Owners learn to understand why their dogs want to express themselves by jumping up, barking, nipping, digging and pulling on the leash. More importantly, owners are taught techniques designed to extinguish these behaviours and to help their dogs to express their natural drives through more appropriate actions.

Each class involves some time for supervised socialization between dogs. Dogs become comfortable and well mannered with other dogs and people. Owners and dogs learn that obedience training is a fun activity. Dogs quickly learn to sit, down, stand, stay, watch, walk, and heel with enthusiasm and intensity.

Theories and applications dealing with positive reinforcements, shaping, and behaviour modification are presented in a fun and easily understood fashion. Owners and instructors model exercises and behaviours to clarify instructions.

Our positive, consistent and playful approach reduces stress, builds confidence and creates an excellent foundation for a happy and rewarding relationship with your canine pal.

A training program based on play and positive rewards, with a judicious amount of corrections, will provide your dog with a clear understanding about how to respond when asked. As the dog matures through its adolescent and adult stages it will desire more independence. If a solid foundation of obedience has been established, an owner can expect happy and reliable responses.

LEVEL 2 Obedience Classes

The dogs and handlers that complete the Beginner levels, or have earned their first obedience title, can move on to higher obedience level classes. At each level the dog and handlers are perfecting the precision work, while learning obedience exercises of increasing complexity for the dog.

Level 2 embraces some very exciting exercises for dogs and owners. Dogs are exposed to some agility obstacles such as 'tunnels', 'bar and solid jumps', 'weave poles', and 'scaling walls'.

This course is designed to develop precision in "off-lead heeling", "retrieving", and "send out", exercises. Owners use shaping theory to refine their application of conditioned reinforcers, they stretch their understanding of task analysis, and examine basic and advanced exercises in term of concrete and abstract sequencing. By the end of level two, owners have a very good grasp of how animals learn and how to break a learning task into describe stages which allows for effective instruction.

Patience, consistency, and repetition are the keys to a successful dumbbell retrieve. When starting the retrieve process, we break the entire skill into a series of steps. This allows our dogs to feel success as they master the component skills inherent in this often frustrating 'stretch' exercise. Careful and thoughtful training will ensure a reliable retrieve which is performed with attitude and intensity.

A good 'send-out' is best developed by instructing a dog to go out without dependence on a visible food treat or toy reward. Dogs have the capacity to deal with challenges requiring abstract thinking. Although we start with visible food while at the concrete stage, we soon advance to send outs without food expecting the dog to function at a more abstract level.

LEVEL 3 Obedience Classes

This group class is for those advanced trainers who want to keep their dog obedience sharp and provide their dog with the opportunity to interact and socialize with other dogs in a controlled environment. We offer short, controlled "meet and greet" sessions throughout the series.

Dogs at Obedience Class

Dogs at Obedience Class

Dogs at Obedience Class

Noel Pepin Canine Behaviour Specialists